Cat Rescued From 6-Story Highway Pillar in Houston

A lift had to be used to rescue a cat from atop a six-story concrete support pillar for a Houston elevated freeway.

The striped gray kitty could be heard meowing Wednesday after the Houston SPCA retrieved the cat and put the animal in a transport cage.

SPCA investigator Charles Jantzen said it appears the cat fell through an expansion joint on the freeway and landed on the pillar. Rescuers aren't sure how long the kitty was stranded.

KHOU-TV video showed Jantzen coaxing, then gently grabbing the cat. Jantzen said the dehydrated cat would be treated by the SPCA.

The marooned creature was discovered when nearby resident Blake McGee heard meowing Tuesday night and walked near the pillar, then realized the sound was from far above.

The SPCA used equipment, with an extended liftable platform, to reach the cat.

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