Cash from Armored Truck Scattered on I-20 in Weatherford

Police say a "substantial" amount of cash was scattered along a seven-mile stretch of Interstate 20 in North Texas on Friday after falling out the open door of an armored truck.

Weatherford police said they started getting calls just before 3 p.m. regarding drivers stopping on westbound I-20 between mile markers 403 and 410 and collecting the money that fell from a Brinks truck that was driving to Abilene.

“I saw people all over the ground picking things up, and I thought maybe it was wreckage,” explained witness Joel Aldridge, who recorded the mad dash for cash. “And as they started walking toward me the first guy I saw had a big wad of cash with money sticking out.”

Aldridge told NBC 5 the scene appeared to be chaotic, with at least two dozen people grabbing as much money as they could while their vehicles sat abandoned, doors ajar along the side of the interstate.

“Everybody else was picking up handfuls and running around, kinda like an Easter egg hunt,” Aldridge said.

Police said the money is property of Brinks, and anyone who picked up loose money and didn't return it to Brinks or the police department could be prosecuted.

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