Don't Expect to Find Clunker Deals Monday

Time is running out to trade in your old gas guzzler for a new car.

The Obama administration said the Cash for Clunkers program will end Monday night, but deals for car shoppers may end even sooner.

Dealerships such as Don Herring Mitsubishi don't plan to make clunker deals on Monday.

"The problem is, you really have to have everything submitted by Monday, so really, for us, this week will be the end of it, because you can't do a deal on Monday and get paid for it," Alan Ray, general sales manager said.

The federal government will scrap the program at 7 p.m. Monday. It was originally supposed to run through Labor Day.

"I think it is a great program and I do hate to see it end," Ray said.

Like many dealerships nationwide, Don Herring Mitsubishi has yet to see a penny from the government.

"We haven't been paid on anything yet," Ray said. "Now we've sent in some claims, they've knocked them around, sent some of them back."

Alisha Wilson, who is looking for a great deal on a car, is hoping to her 2003 Cavalier qualifies for Cash for Clunkers.

"It's a great opportunity to possibly get a better car and trade my car in," she said.

Wilson is now working overtime to try and beat the Cash for Clunkers clock.

"I'm going to try all the way up until Sunday to see if I can get a deal," she said.

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