Virtual Book Club Helps Students Improve Reading Scores

Teachers said they plan to encourage the students to read different types of books to expand their comfort zone

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Teachers in Princeton ISD are pulling out all the stops to improve student reading skills after the ongoing pandemic impacted learning over the last two years.

They created a book club on Facebook where students and their families post photos and videos of them reading new books and accept challenges to read a certain amount.

The club is just a few weeks old, but it's already making an impact on students' performance.

It sounds so simple to grab a book and get whisked away to someplace exciting. It's not so easy for all of us though -- especially kids who are dyslexic.

"A lot of those kids don't enjoy reading, and they don't like it," said Shelly Sadler, a learning specialist at Godwin Elementary in Princeton ISD.

Add the pandemic to the circumstances and Sadler said she had to get creative and clear a path for all types of readers to get excited about books. So she started the bookworm challenge.

From lessons in the library to camping in the classroom, students are cheering each other on to embrace the challenges they face.

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And it's not just in the classroom -- the Facebook group lets them see everyone reading and trying new books in new places all day, night and weekend.

"We'll get together before bedtime and see who's reading what, she'll thumbs up, 'I like that,' or 'I read that book before,' or 'I've never read that book,'" parent Beatriz Velasco said.

Students who struggled just weeks ago are quickly making significant gains and building confidence.

The teachers said they plan to encourage the students to read different types of books to expand their comfort zone.

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