Two Carroll ISD Trustees Charged Amidst Southlake's Heated Debate on School Diversity Plan


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Two school board members in Carroll ISD have been charged with violating the state's open record law in connection to the work on the district's diversity plan.

The plan has drawn complaints from some Southlake residents saying it was too aggressive, offered harsh discipline for violators and shamed white students.

Members of a political action committee against the diversity plan accused the board members of violating board meeting rules by texting about the plan during a board meeting.

Members said the texting left out other board members who were more sympathetic to the critics opinion. One parent filed suit against the texting members, Michelle Moore and Todd Carlton.

Monday a judge agreed the texts were a violation of the rules. Moore and Carlton were officially charged.

Hours later the board members held their regular meeting with no direct mention of the charges, but several parents spoke in their defense.

"Michelle I don't know you personally but I think what's going on with you is absolute garbage and you deserve better," said Laura Durant, parent.

"I'm outraged by what happened today. I'm struggling to understand what is unity," added another parent. "Don't ask people to go back to where they came from, let's see who really wants unity."

The parent referring to a meeting where critics of the diversity plan asked those who disagree with them to leave Southlake.

The diversity issue has taken center stage in the affluent, conservative, mostly white suburb in recent years.

Students in the district were repeatedly seen making videos shouting the N world and students of color in the district told repeated stories of how they were insulted and treated poorly for their race and sexual orientation.

"Is this what Carroll has become?" asked former Dallas Cowboy and Southlake Resident Russell Maryland to board members. "This is the excellence we proclaim, this is us until we prove different."

 In a statement released to reporters, Moore's attorneys called this a tremendous waste of resources. Carlton did not return our requests for comment.

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