Texas Schools Receive Billions in Federal Money for Post-Pandemic Tutoring

Texas is one of seven states getting billions in federal funds for education

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More than $4 billion dollars is headed to Texas schools to help students bounce back from the pandemic. 

The cash came from the Biden administration's stimulus plan. You might remember Texas schools received a large chunk of it in May, with promises of more to come and that's what the Lone Star State is seeing now.

Texas will get a whopping $4.1 billion of the approximately $6 billion dollars handed out to seven states.

The Texas Education Agency came up with a plan to use the money to offer high dosage tutoring, investing in more summer learning, and after-school programs to tackle learning losses.

In a phone call with leaders from the White House and U.S. Department of Education, we were told various states are using the methods Texas will try.

"High dosage tutoring is a great example of an evidence-based intervention that we see not only in Texas but in a number of state plans where states will really focus on figuring out how to accelerate instruction," said Ian Rosenblum, the acting assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education.

These are some of the programs Dallas and Fort Worth Independent School Districts already pledged to offer. The money will ensure they continue and will be available for all students who need them.    

"School children across Texas will have access to specialized tutoring, high-quality instructional materials, and job-embedded professional learning to strategically address the academic impact of the pandemic," said Mike Morath, Texas Education Commissioner.

You might remember school leaders complained the last round of stimulus money was hung up in Austin and took too long to get into their hands. Superintendents are hopeful, that won't be a problem this time around.

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