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Teachers Demonstrate, Asking Dallas ISD Board to Delay In-School Learning

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School teachers in the Dallas Independent School District demonstrated Thursday to urge board members to delay in-person learning until January at the earliest.

Tania Hernandez teaches kindergarten and considers her job one of the most important in society.

"I may be able to stop a bullet and protect a student but I can't stop covid-19, and once a student gets infected, they're going to take that back home and exponentially keep infecting people in our community. This is not about us, this is not about me," she said.

She and other union members did everything from decorate their cars --- to bring model body bags here to make a point.

They want in-person learning canceled until January which, if they board does, the district wouldn't have the money to pay their bills as it would be withheld from the state.

The teachers say take it to the governor, TEA, don't just cave.

"Education funding is mandated by the law and if it has to go to court that's what we need to do," said Rena Honea, President of the Dallas Alliance AFT Union.

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa said he can and may push the start of school back again to October... but we can't overlook that things are improving.

"We have to weigh how nervous and scared our employees are. I don't educate a single kid. We can't execute this plan without the support of our teachers," he said.

The teachers are promising to listen but more than anything saying they need to be heard and not dismissed for politics, or even parental wishes.

"We are the last line of defense for our students and our community," said Hernandez.

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