Teacher Receives Hate Mail After Expressing Concerns Over In-Person Learning

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Tension over the return to school has led to a teacher receiving harassing emails after she shared her thoughts regarding in-person learning in the Arlington Independent School District.

The Arlington school board hosted a meeting Thursday night that lasted more than seven hours, it was still going at 1:30 a.m.

Board members were listening to the health experts, parents and teachers as they shared why they feel in-person learning should happen sooner or later. 

One of those speakers was longtime educator Kim Martinez.

"Every public school employee is a human being with that in mind," she told board members. "Several of us have written our own obituaries I will start with my own.  Webb elementary has lost one of their veteran childhood educators to COVID."

Reading her obituary was her way of showing the board how serious she felt the risks were to heading back to the classroom but it apparently sparked a nerve with some of the people watching the meeting. She received emails and social media messages like this: "I have a child at Webb and I under no circumstances want you or another teacher like you around him. That was disgusting and us parents demand you resign effective immediately."

The words were part of a tense debate over when students should go to the classroom.   

Thursday night Everman ISD voted to push back in-person learning until October citing growing COVID cases.   

Dallas ISD agreed to welcome some students back earlier citing dropping COVID cases.

Parents and teachers on both sides of this debate say frustrations are boiling over. 

Martinez just hopes people can give each other a bit more respect.

"It's hurtful, it's extremely hurtful, I've given 16 years of my life all at the same school all in Pre-K or Kindergarten  I love those kids, I love my community with all my heart," she said.

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