Students Unable To Complete AP Exam After Technical Problems

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High school junior Caiden Trivedi wants to head to the University of Pennsylvania and has been in front the computer studying for his Advanced Placement Exams.

"It’s been a really stressful time for everyone. I’ve been home the last two months," said Trivedi, who attends E.A. Young Academy in North Richland Hills.

This week, the day came when he finally got to take those tests, but as he worked through his calculus exam, there was a problem, a big one. He couldn't submit his answers.

He says he double-checked the instructions, kept trying, and had all his work finished early and couldn’t send it in.

"I got a call from one of my buddies and he experienced the same problems," said Trivedi.

Seven of his classmates took that test. He says four of them, more than 50%,  couldn’t submit their work.

A spokesperson for the college board shared this statement with NBC 5:

“We share the deep disappointment of students who were unable to complete their exam – whether for technical issues or other reasons. We’re working to understand these students’ unique circumstances in advance of the June makeup Exams. Any student who encountered an issue during their exam will be able to retest.”

"Everyone is going to retake the test but I’m worried about having the issue again," said Trivedi.

"We did the work, put in the honest effort and want to be rewarded for that."

The college board also told us despite what happened to the students at this school, the number of technical issues reported were less than 1%.

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