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Students Meet Authors Who Wrote Books They've Read in School

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We often tell children to get lost in a book, it's a great image, and easy to do.

Sometimes, having a guide to that book is even better. Students at Thomas Tolbert Elementary in Dallas did just that, sitting down with authors who wrote books they read in class.

The youngest students were fascinated about the time it took to write a book and learn about the content. Delilah loved learning about dumplings.

"Did you even know what they were before today?" we asked.

"No!" Delilah responded.

In fifth grade, the conversations were more serious. Mahalia Isaacs' father died recently, and she connected with one novel that outlined the author's struggle to immigrate to the U.S. and being separated from their parents.

The authors said it was just as rewarding for them.

Kat Zhang said she didn't remember meeting authors as a kid, but did remember having many questions about how the book writing process.

"One of my favorite parts of being an author for children's books is getting the chance to come and talk to kids," Zhang said.

The visit was made possible by Texas Book Festival's Reading Rock Stars program which promotes a connection to reading across the state of Texas.

Students at Fort Worth ISD's BillJ. Elliot Elementary had a similar visit.

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