Students Go Back to the Classroom in McKinney ISD

McKinney ISD was one of several school districts to return to classroom learning Thursday

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Usually the first one in line is one of the most eager to be there, right? But not much is usual these days. 

Taren Mitchell was one of the first in line but she was still super nervous to send her daughter inside.

"Kids are walking germ dishes and although they're eager to see their friends and miss their teachers, I have a little one at home," said Mitchell.

Mitchell and about 75% of the parents at McKinney's Bennett Elementary decided this was where their kids belong.

"We're just excited, excited we got to this point,  small steps," said parent Jay Elan.

For the first time in what seems like such a long, long time Bennett Elementary sounds like a school again.

If you closed your eyes you wouldn't know much a difference, but look around and the changes are clear as day.

"We have our sanitation stations that are all throughout the building," said Principal Amy Holderman.

"Desks are further apart than normal, to help with those social distancing guidelines we have in place," said Assistant Principal Kassie Halpin.

While some of those precautions got put to the test at times, kids were back to being kids, smiling and speaking their minds.

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