Students Flock to School Library Thanks to Unique Way to Read

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You've probably seen those desks that let you stand up and work so you're not sitting all day. Well, what hit the corporate world is now making its way into the classroom.

They're not just standing desks, but riding ones. An exercise bike mated with a place to do work.

"Whenever I'm in here when I can have a couple of minutes, if I don't have to get right back to class, I'll come in, stop and read on the bike," said Monroe Farben.

Students at Uplift Summit International Preparatory are reading and working out all at the same time thanks to the new hybrid bike/desks.

"You get to work out on the stationary bike but you also get to work out your mind by reading which I find very enjoyable. I do both all the time," said Araceli Magana.

It's no high-energy spin class, but just the opposite, more like library meets spa, meet fitness center.

Whatever it is, the educators say it's working.

"I really want to revamp and not do business as usual especially in this time frame we gotta think differently to be able to close that gap and help our scholars," said school librarian Tonja Tate.

So many students are coming in to read now they have to have timers to share the bikes.

It has helped students who normally wouldn't read, make their way in here much more.

"A sixth-grader came in and he checked out a book and he's like can I just ride on the bike and it's awesome because you get to see kids reading their books which is something you don't see kids do a lot these days," said Farben.

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