Students Find Success Coding & Being Active Through Technology

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Students at South Euless Elementary School won a national competition encouraging students to code and stay active. 

A technology company sponsored the competition to get schools across the country motivated to code and use their device which looks very similar to the classic game Simon.

South Euless started a club to get young girls on campus into coding. The girls named their club "Girls who Code" and it's helping to grow a love for computer science.

"Back in the day, the men did everything. So I like how they're letting the women and the girls get into the things," said Lily Cody, student.

With some help from the librarian, the girls broke down how these devices really work and reprogrammed them to make their own games. 

It's helping tackle science, mental health and physical activity.

Akriti Sharestha is a student in that club.

"I do practice at home with my dad. He works in IT. He's very used to coding and stuff and he teaches me," she said.

They are always at it, trying to come up with new creative ways to master the machine and keep their peers in school engaged.

"I make sure all my work gets done and at lunch or recess I would come help my wonderful librarian and do these,"' said Xenia Wright, student.

Teachers say the more kids who play the game, suddenly develop an interest in wanting to program it and planting a seed of learning.

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