Students Create ‘Mindset Art' as They Head to Middle School

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Elementary school art, typically earns that prime spot, on the fridge, but this time fifth-graders in Keisha Casiano's class at Schluter Elementary in Northwest ISD aimed higher.

It was a mindset project. Using paint, paper mache, and recycled items, these fifth-graders were asked to capture an image of themselves in art and as they head off to middle school, show their growth.

"It's like taking a selfie of yourself and putting it on a bowl of plaster," said one student.

The plastic bowls they used for the heads were the perfect size to plant the perfect representation for their little minds.

The inspiration came from their teacher who shared a personal story of her transition to middle school.

"I honestly thought because of my learning disability, it was going to hold me back and I thought college wasn't in it for me," said Keisha Casiano, teacher.

A stroke when she was still in her mother's womb always made concentrating hard but Casiano knew her brain could still grow.

She went on college, got a masters and now with her student's strokes of paint she's hoping to pass along her drive.

"Just to share my story with them and how my learning disability came the means to my success and just showing them with this growth mindset and this positive attitude you're able to succeed," said Casiano.

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