Keller ISD

Student Starts Fundraising to Keep Classrooms Fully Stocked

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At Shady Grove Elementary in Keller, the classrooms are decked out with artwork work and fun supplies that make the school welcoming.

Second-grader Goldie Christopher's favorite room is music.

"On Monday we get to play a few instruments and get to do songs, we get to play games, it's really fun," said Christopher.

She had no idea so much of the stuff that she loves in her classroom is bought and paid for by her teachers.

"I was thinking that maybe the school would buy supplies for them," said Christopher.

When she was crowned Tiny Miss Keller in a pageant, her number one goal was to help raise money for teachers to buy supplies. 

"She jumps and does things on her own without asking, she would help other students and doing something like this shows the wonderful student she is," said Joi Lyn Abell, one of Christopher's teachers.

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She has a GoFundMe, sends out flyers and is focused on helping the educators working so hard to make school an inviting place to be. 

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