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Cedar Hill ISD

See How This Teacher Captures Attention, Creates Success

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Teachers are always looking for something hands-on and "out of the box" to bring to their classrooms to help kids learn.

Often, those complex lesson plans take a ton of time and money. But, a teacher at Perimeter Middle School in Cedar Hill has found a simple way to engage her students: movement.

Ebony Lewis is all over her classroom, she's small in stature so she stands on the desks to be seen.

"It was kind of weird the first time she did it," one of her students told us.

Lewis will hop from her desk to her students. She will be at the chalkboard one minute and sitting on the floor the next.

Lewis' teaching style is kinda like watching a tennis match.

"My class, as the kids would say, is 'lit,'" she told us. "If they have to look up at me or look down, it allows them to stay in tune with what's going on in class."

Almost every student loved the pace and looks forward to learning with Lewis. They could also tell you everything you wanted to know about European Colonialism.

She's been in the classroom five years and has tried many different ways to capture her student's attention, but nothing was more effective and saw a bigger improvement in scores than just going nonstop.

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