Schools Refocus Security Efforts Amidst Changing Political Climate

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Concern is growing across North Texas about safety in schools, as the country navigates division over everything from politics to COVID-19.

Now, some districts are working to comfort parents, and keep schools secure.

"Back when we were going to school times were better. They're different today to where you're almost afraid to let your children go to school," said parent Loren Lowe.

Lowe has wanted more police presence on school campuses for years.

"There should be heightened security presence in our schools anyway with mass shootings, I don't care if it's on every corner," said Lowe.

Earlier this week, parents in the Crowley ISD were disturbed by a warning issued by the district stating they would increase police presence on campuses, citing civil unrest, the inauguration, and concerns spreading on social media.

The threat is likely baseless. Parent Christina Thomas is glad the school is taking it seriously but would love to see more done.

"Like they do for the STAAR test, they shut the campus down and no parents are allowed to come in. I would like the school shut down completely and have a note on the door or something that says you have to call to come into school," said Thomas.

Schools across North Texas have stepped up security in recent years for a number of reasons. Everything from background checks and buzzers to cameras and more officers on campus.

The Denton ISD Board of Trustees recently started researching ways they can increase the amount of money it pays to the city for officers who patrol school grounds.

Many security experts around the country say schools are safer these days with all the protections districts have put in place of course the threats against them seem higher too. 

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