Carter in the classroom

School Investigating Teacher Who Played Ringing Noise as Apparent Punishment to Students

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You can find sounds all over the internet at frequencies that kids can hear but parents can't or parents can hear but kids can't.

A teacher at Edge Middle School in the Community ISD apparently decided to play one as discipline for her students.

"She put on the ringing noise everyone was covering their ears. One of them walked out of the classroom, one of them was yelling that it was torture and one was trying to unplug the computer," said Zoey Lohrs, student.

Lohrs has a high sensitivity to high-pitched noise that leads to migraines. Zoey's mom said it's documented at school and the teacher was well aware.

" I would understand if the teacher used it for a split second to gain the attention of the class but not for the excess of 40 minutes. Not when kids are begging you to stop," said Janice Lohrs, Zoey's mother.

 Community ISD wouldn't sit down for an interview with us but initially said in a statement that their "district police are conducting an investigation into the alleged incident" and that "student health, safety and security remains the highest priority for the district."

NBC 5 waited to give the district time to investigate, Friday they told us, the incident did occur and is still under investigation.      

NBC 5 also obtained police documents from the incident and reports where the district was questioning students and staff in the building about the incident.

"I would really like her held accountable for her actions, this is not ok. You have my kid for eight hours a day. It's supposed to be a safe place," said Janice.

Janice said she appreciates the principal who called her as soon as it happened but is hoping for more to be done as a result of the incident.

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