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School Finds Unique Opportunity for Students to Teach Other Classmates

Students learn from each other about passions and areas of interest

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Schools are deep into STAAR testing across Texas. While many kids are buckled down showing what they've learned this year, not everyone is taking the test.

Staff at Midlothian Heritage High School found a way to make the day educational for those not taking tests this year.

So many students have a hobby or passion everything from training horses to serving as a doula.

"We wanted to provide an opportunity, kinda like little TED Talks about what they're passionate and interested in so they could learn from each other," said Krista Tipton, principal of Midlothian Heritage.

Tipton has more than half her students buckled down taking the STAAR tests or AP exams. 

You can't change classes and have normal schedules, so instead of those who aren't testing sitting in study hall all day she asked them to teach their peers about their passion.

Student Anthony Schmidt and his friend Dylan Cox both are pilots in their free time. 

"I've grown up with aviation since I was little," said Schmidt. "My dad is a first officer with American Airlines. I've always been fascinated with flying."

They shared their model planes and their stories of flying with their friends.

"Some of these students who may not normally be the ones to speak out in the classroom are in their element and I love seeing the confidence they have speaking about the things they're passionate about," said Tipton.

Guest speakers came in too. A crime scene investigator answered questions about the work she does but the kids will tell you learning from each other was really the highlight of all this.

"You don't see them in this kind of setting and to see them pitch something they're passionate about, it's awesome. It's really cool," said Michael Haver, a student who attended the seminars.

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