Parents Wait To Learn If Students Need to Make Up Class Time

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Spring break gave Christina Patterson’s kitchen a workout from her teenagers' big appetites.

“They eat twice the amount when they’re at home. Compared to when you’re at school. You’re going to run out of food," said Patterson.

She’s also worried about running out of make-up days as districts extend spring break a week or two.

“Are they going to get all the curriculum they need for this year to go into next year? Are they going to get behind going to next year?” asked Patterson.

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School leaders say it’s too early to tell but they think there’s wiggle room to finish school on time.

“The state learned hard lesson during Hurricane Harvey. State passed a bill to give us more flexibility,” said DISD superintendent Michael Hinojosa

The Governor’s office is working with state and local education leaders to come up with a plan but that is still sometime in the future .

“Are they going to have to make these things up? We have of all of these things, a cruise planned. Hopefully this is going to be done by then," Patterson said.

She’s not the only one. Many parents are worried about summer trips and athletic events.

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