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Parents Concerned About COVID-19 Outbreaks as Kids Return to School

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Emails are starting to go home to parents this week in several districts.

Uplift education is asking parents to come to campus this coming Tuesday and get their kids tested for covid.     

Fort Worth ISD s pushing their vaccines clinics for their students.

Richardson ISD asking parents to self report symptoms to the school nurse.

It's not what Meredith Potyondy wanted to hear.
"RISD has ended virtual its not an option anymore and they've ended mask mandates for all the schools. I know for certain there has been a covid outbreak among the anti masking parents in my kids' school and I know for certain they're still gathering and one can only surmise they're going to be coming to school next week with covid," said Potyondy.

Cooks Childrens says the number of covid cases among kids has quadruped from slightly more than  5% to more than 25%.  Doctors are worried those numbers will keep growing due to the usual spikes we see at the holidays. 

 Many parents don't expect schools to act until they have to.

"I think the only way they'll react will be the numbers once they see the teachers affected and staff affected but I've been to a lot of board meetings if it's not a higher up mandate it's not happening," said Karen Rojas, parent, in Plano ISD.

Most districts have not shared much about changes or plans to increase safety protocols as of yet. two parents told  us they're hopeful  their county judge will step in,

"The kids need to be in school and the only way to do that safely is universal masking, and the parents who are like well you can send your child to school in a mask, well great that's not how the science works. we're two years into this," said Blair Taylor, parent in Richardson ISD.

Texas has returned students to school without masks and without many large outbreaks for most of the year; most other districts large and small appear to be staying on that same course. 

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