Nonprofit Offers Tutoring For Pocket Change

They're hoping to help families of all financial backgrounds afford academic help this summer, post-pandemic

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Memorial Day may typically be the official start of summer, but many school leaders say students need to stay focused on their studies this year, to help fight the academic decline of the pandemic.

If your child is one of many who fell behind this school year, there's an organization willing to help for next to nothing.

Schools are encouraging all parents to keep students engaged with learning and lessons but finding tutors can be tough not to mention expensive.

"There's sky-high prices for private tutoring it can cost from $50 to $100 an hour to get private tutoring and a lot of families can't afford it let alone during the pandemic," said Arjun Kudinoor, Co-Founder of "Tutors For Change"

He started the non-profit group with the mission to change the downward spiral the pandemic had on learning and they're doing it for change literally. Each session costs just under $1.

"When you volunteer to do something you're not doing it for self-interest you're doing it to help the other person, so you put 100% of your effort and I'd say the quality of our tutors is very very good," said Kudinoor of his volunteer tutors.

They've helped hundreds of students since opening up shop last year and hope to grow that number even more. Plenty of teachers, high school, and college students have pitched in their time.

You can find out more about the organization on their website.

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