Many North Texas School Districts Launch Online Learning Monday

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Many schools districts across North Texas launched online classes Monday. At first, schools sent out links with educational activities students could do to get by, but are now sending home actual assignments divided up by day, with due dates and accountability.

The Thompson family in Rockwall said the work was a lot, but a welcome change of pace.

"It was a little overwhelming at first when I saw all the assignments I had to do this week. But I started one by one with reading and then to writing and then math and then into science and social studies," fifth grader Andrew Thompson said.

Andrew's mother, Amy, said she worked to supplement work sent home last week because it wasn't enough. She said she was worried about how much time she would spend teaching, until class officially started today and she was surprised at the robust offerings.

"Today went really well. It was nice because last week we got to just get on to Google classrooms and the kids have already done that at school so they were teaching me," Amy Thompson said.

The kids had a few technical problems signing on to some programs, but said their teachers were right there to help them figure it out.

The kids said because they were able to work at their own pace with less distractions from classmates they were actually done with their work earlier in the day than they would be in the building.

It meant more time to play outside, which is always a win.

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