Lesson Plan: A Look at Post-COVID-19 Changes in Schools

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Parents are learning while students may be back in class that changes in schools are much bigger than masks and hand sanitizer. Many schools, like Winnetka Elementary in Oak Cliff have made significant changes in how they operate.

Principal Lourdes Garduno says it's about so much more than masks, shields and hand sanitizer.

"We're so excited to have the kids but we're also very nervous, the uncertainty, you know we see the news, some cases go up one day and then down and so we just hold our breath," said Garduno.

The policy and procedures start before students even enter the building.

"We maintain social distance outside, we also have different grade levels in different locations," said Garduno.

Cones are set up outside for social distancing and for parents to drop off their kids without coming anywhere near the building, which can be hard on the first day of class.

"It's kind of sad that we can't walk them in but it's still just a great experience to be here with them,"

The parents may be out of the classroom but the kids are inside all day long, but they're staying put.

"They will not change classes, the teachers will be the ones switching," said Garduno. "Students will stay in that same classroom the entire day."

The only time students leave their classroom is for lunch. Despite all the shields set up in the lunch room, the students at Winnetka will grab their lunch and return to the classroom to eat. The policy in place for now while cases are high.

As for recess, the kids do go outside but the playground is off-limits.

"They can't use the playground, because it's hard to disinfect, and we have 430 students coming back next week," said Garduno. "We do ask teachers to have equipment like hula hoops, soccer balls, any other structured activities that can be done. And they've had fun outside enjoying the fresh air, but it's different it's not the same."

The faculty knows this school year takes adjusement and it may not be easy, but educators at Winnetka Elementary believe all the rules and regulations, if followed, will keep the little ones safe.

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