Keller ISD Moves to Pass/Fail Grading Due Because of Pandemic

Several other North Texas school districts are considering a similar plan

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Students are finally starting to learn how report cards will be handled during the coronavirus pandemic.

Homes with school age children have been a stressful place the past few weeks. Parents working from home are accountable to their bosses and their child's school leaders.

Jennifer Price, Keller ISD's assessment director, said the district wants to make it easier: no number grades for the last several weeks of school.

Teachers will either say students pass or fail. In order to pass teachers need to see students are making an effort.

"Our teachers are giving parents and students the scope of the week, this allows for families to plan and be flexible because of work schedules and things like that," Price said.

Keller met with neighboring districts before they rolled out their plan and said everyone is trying to keep grading scales similar. 

Fort Worth, Dallas and Grapevine-Colleyville ISDs, all said they're meeting about grades this week and would reveal more information shortly.

Others districts said they're not ready quite yet, but were discussing it.   

In Keller, passing grades will be entered as a 100% in calculating GPAs. Failing grades will be a 69%.

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