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Hotspots Secured For All Fort Worth ISD Students, But District Planning For When They Expire

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Thousands of hotspots were handed out to students in Fort Worth last week. It took money from the school district, Facebook, and community partners like 'Read Fort Worth' to finally get every student in the district connected.

"All of those kids now have hotspots and we ordered extra in case there was a family who missed the phone call," said Elizabeth Brands, Executive Director of 'Read Fort Worth.'

Despite the school year ending Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Kent Scribner said internet access issues had to get solved now.

"We are hearing reports that schools may open for person to person instruction in August or September but perhaps we need to close again if there are outbreaks of COVID-19 and return to online classrooms," said Scribner.

The hotspots were the fastest way to help those students reconnect with their teachers.

Educators think with or without COVID, learning will keep shifting to the internet and you can’t ask kids to do well and meet their goals if they can't even get online.

'Read Fort Worth's' mission involves getting our youngest learners reading on grade level. The mission is still there, but they know it’ll never get accomplished unless they help support the work teachers are doing and shift focus to this new digital way of learning.

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