Frisco ISD

Frisco ISD Teachers Let Students Lead the Way in Hands-on Courses

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In an advanced course in biology at Frisco ISD's Independence High School, students are given some basic information and then set out to explore.

"I had no reference of what this was supposed to look like at all," said Anika Rajagopal, a ninth-grade student.

It's a new way of learning that students say is more engaging and fun. During our visit, the students were learning about enzymes and how they help digest things.

"They really don't know a lot about enzymes and what they do yet. Through the lab they're able to figure that out on their own," said Kristi Schoblocher, a teacher who is working to create interesting lesson plans with real-world ties.

Students are reading about the Venus flytrap, in math, they're doing equations that help them figure out missing data and sure enough, the Venus flytrap uses enzymes to break down what it eats.

"Data wise they're doing great it hasn't changed anything, but interest wise it's been great we're able to hold their attention a lot longer. We have to compete with social media and their phones getting them involved in real people and real animals they're actually having to look at the world around them instead of reading it on a PowerPoint," said Schoblocher.

It's one of many ways school is different these days, engaging, active, and hopefully, more effective.

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