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Fort Worth ISD Wants Parental Feedback on Possible Changes to Fall Calendar

District working to prepare for any eventuality that may again require distance learning

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Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Kent Scribner said the district is taking seriously the Texas Education Agency's request that they prepare an alternate calendar for the fall semester and is asking parents what they think about the plan.

The district is looking at different ways to hold class should a significant outbreak again dictate learning be relocated to at-home instead of in the classroom.

"Hopefully we'll be in brick and mortar buildings the entire year, but we have to be prepared for anything that could happen," said Scribner.

State leaders suggested starting school earlier, ending it later, and students taking longer winter and spring breaks. The goal is to help keep kids out of the building and build in time for extra help throughout the school year.

"We want to hear directly from our teachers, our staff, our parents, our students with regard to how the next year could look like," said Scribner. "We want to be ready with multiple options as we develop our playbook for reentry."

The district is asking about everything from job status to preference of learning styles and asking everyone in the community to offer input so they can make a calendar that works for as many people as possible.

They hope to have it a plan made by early next month.

You can take the survey yourself by clicking here.

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