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Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Says Schools Must Play Role In Race Relations Discussion

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One North Texas school superintendent says it’s time for schools to take an active role in combating race relations, and right the wrongs their students face.

Many of the protestors to George Floyd’s death are young people, some students in public schools.

“Students are at the front lines and they’re doing the right thing and it’s our responsibility to prepare them with everything a high-quality education provides,” said Dr. Kent Scribner, superintendent of the Fort Worth ISD.

While the district is planning what school will look like with COVID in the fall, he says all school districts need to look at the protests happening across the country and address race relations in our country with our children.

“It’s not enough to believe or state that one is non-racist, it’s not about being non-racist it’s about being anti-racist, taking on those comments and behaviors head-on to be silent about this is to be complacent with the challenges we have in our society,” said Scribner.

Many of the students in Fort Worth ISD are students of color, the district has worked to talk about inequities in our community and help eliminate them moving forward. Scribner said they are ready to talk about race… but how do you do it? 

“If we are preaching diversity but our friend groups, the ones we call and have dinner with, look the exact same as us then we’re not living diversity,” said Anastasia Taylor, Executive Director of Alliance Child and Family Solutions.

Taylor said while talking to children in an age-appropriate manner is appropriate, she warns against showing them the video of Floyd pinned to the ground.

“If you think about adults, how hard it is to see the video, kids cannot conceptualize that when the people who are there to protect them are suddenly not protective. I would absolutely never show those videos to children.”

Whether at home or at school,  many experts say, talking to children about race relations is important. Scribner is going further to say schools need to be central to it all. His full written statement about the death of George Floyd can be seen below.

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