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Dallas ISD Works With Other Districts to Monitor School Safety Data

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Dallas ISD is working with a safety expert and other school districts around the country to share information about how schools are protected every day.       

In the first moments after a safety problem on campus  --- we all want to know what went wrong.

"You have this great policy that says OK the staff must do XYZ but how do you measure it? How do you make sure they're doing that?" questioned, Brian Katz, Founder of Safer School Solutions.

Katz is a former tech guy from Google. Broward County Schools in Florida hired him to help come up with a better plan, to keep campuses safe after the Parkland shooting.

"The classroom locking of doors is an important one, the proper wearing of IDs on campus is another critical one," said Katz of things schools should pay attention to.

There is no standard though, no one plan. Police show up at a school and often have questions and no real information on what doors were opened and closed, locked and unlocked. 

So school leaders in Dallas started talking with leaders in other districts around the country through a professional group called Chiefs for Change.

They're nonpartisan but talk and share ideas on how to fix common problems, right now it's safety.

"It actually predates the really tragic school shooting that happened in Texas a short time ago but it's always top of mind for us, how do we engage in work that keeps our students and teachers safe," said Dr. Susana Cordova, Deputy Superintendent, Dallas ISD.

Cordova and outgoing superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa are both part of the Chiefs for Change group and jumped at the chance to work with districts from Washington to Oklahoma to make smart choices, together. All in hopes it's one thing they can do to help keep classrooms secure so learning can take place.   

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