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Community Groups Help Fund Training For School Administrators

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Schools everywhere are looking for the best principals and administrators to help lead school children out of the biggest academic slump many schools have ever seen. Now, the community is stepping in to help.

You might remember Tim Miller, he was a superintendent in Cleburne ISD.

Miller like many other education administrators stepped away from school districts for the private sector but now he's trying to convince other school leaders, to stick out the challenges they face.

"When I first became a superintendent in 2009 that was the year there was a massive cut to the budget at the state level. They had to figure out how to deal with massive cuts," Miller said.

The numbers this time around are tough. About a dozen superintendents are gone in North Texas schools, teachers, librarians are all leaving too.   

They're facing significant work to bring up test scores after the pandemic, political arguments over curriculum and books, and pay, that while improving, still doesn't measure up to other jobs.

"When you have quality people leave the business it's alarming, it's concerning,"  said President of the Texas Association of School Administrators, Doug Williams.

The Charles Butt Foundation is a charity arm of H-E-B grocery.  They're spending money to train top teachers to be principals and top principals to be administrators.   

Dallas, Garland, Cedar HIll, and many districts have been working through the year in one of the programs.

Now the organization is footing the bill to send educators to Harvard for an intense  summer workshop to help prepare Texas educators to lead students from the pandemic. 

"No matter what the situation is if it's a tornado coming through and wiping out your elementary school, pandemic or whatever, the challenge might be it provides them with the different skills and strategies they can use," said Miller, who now works for the foundation.

You can get more information on the Charles Butt Foundation's leadership training by clicking here.

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