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College Admissions Process Complicated By COVID-19

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Graduating seniors aren't the only high schoolers dealing with the impact of Covid-19.   Juniors looking to focus their college plans are having a hard time as so many college campuses are closed.     

Allie Edgar's plans for her freshman year of college feel like they keep hitting speed bumps..
" I'm so unsure of where I want to go, I want to feel like its my school but there's not really a way if you can't like go see it in person," said Edgar.

 It's such a concern for so many students, colleges and universities have created virtual tours to help, but they admit it's not enough. 

"Denton is one of the most beautiful public campuses in the state when we get someone to visit our campus we have an 85% chance of that student coming to the university so for us the ability to push and sell the experience on our campus is critical," said Neal Smatresk, President of the University of North Texas -Denton.

Enrollment is down slightly at the Denton university and most campuses nationwide. It's not just the inability to come visit but also the inability to afford it.
"We know that students who are out of jobs and parents who are out of jobs are less likely to come to school, financial worries are high," said Smatresk.

"The federal government has given us care act funding to help support students with emergency grants and aid," said Smatesk. "We have already had 6,000 applications."

$14.5 million dollars in funds just at UNT -Denton.  They're hoping students who planned to go further away from home, might see cost savings and academic excellence here.

"I want to be able to get the experience, I don't want to be cheated out of it but also it's kinda like whatever is keeping people safe at the same time, said Edgar.    

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