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Board of Education Considers Changes to Middle School Sex Education

A change to the curriculum would be the first update in 23 years

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Members of the State Board of Education listened to the public Monday as it considers changes to how sex education is taught in Texas. The change in question would be the first update in 23 years and teach middle school students about birth control. The current guidance focuses on abstinence.

"Those of us who work with teens are aware many of them are sexually active and when we withhold information or provide false information, it puts them at risk," said one speaker.

Educators, parents and advocates bent the ear of the board for hours.

Some groups asked the board to go further and educate students on sexual orientation.

Carter In The Classroom

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"We are deeply concerned the standards don’t even acknowledge the existence of LGBTQ students in the classrooms," said another speaker.

While others demanded that the schools stay out of sex education.

"I think this is a very dangerous ideology and belief to eliminate and diminish the parental role in children’s lives," a speaker said. "Parents should be educated and have these conversations with their children at home."

The board has until November to figure out how to guide the new policy.

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