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Authors Visit Schools to Spur Conversation and Love for Reading

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At Jack Binion Elementary students have been doing a lot of reading.

"The book, it's about pyramids and grand canyons and it's really cool," said one student.

Even cooler, Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr,  the couple who created those books, drove to the school in Richland Hills from California in their brightly painted school bus, to meet and eat with these students about the books. 

"We're in Title 1 schools, schools that have lots of students with high needs," said Behr. "There's nothing better for your ego than a school full of kids who think you're awesome." 

Robbi says this all started when she had to illustrate something for grad school. She chose a short story her husband wrote. It led to trying their hand at children's books, and doing book signings at schools, that's when their hearts broke.

"The kids are lining up to get the books and we have to say sorry you don't have the money to buy this book. we hated that," she said.

They raised the money to buy books, packed their kids, and family dog into this converted school bus, and drive to 53 schools across America. 

"Every time we stop at the gas station or parking lot someone stops and asks about the bus we make a new friend," said Swanson.

Now they're signing free books, and even better inspiring young minds.

"I wanted to talk to them about how they live and how they made the book and everything," said Juan Carlos Sanchez, a student.

Librarian Chatty Chapman got to paint Texas on the side of the bus, the kids spent time with the family pet Dumbles, who's also a character in one of the books. On all sides of this, hearts were full.

Sure,  Kids run to the school bus at the end of the day --- but this time --- it was to say thanks for sharing your love of reading. 

"It's very exciting," said student Anastasia Sharp.

The Busload of Books tour is heading across america and should wrap up in August.

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