New Requirements for Carbon Monoxide Alarms

New federal safety codes outline requirements for carbon monoxide alarms

Cities will start enforcing new safety codes on January 1, 2012 that require carbon monixide alarms in all new homes. Carbon monoxide alarms will also be required in existing homes when repairs are done that require a permit.

Tammi Douglas said a carbon monoxide alarm gave her peace of mind.

"We were able to find one that helps satisfy me and makes me feel more comfortable in the house, especially when I have my grand children over," Douglas said.

The Double Oak resident said a carbon monoxide alarm was not a top priority when she moved into her home.

"It was the last thing on my list of things. I was looking more for interior and re-decorating and all that stuff," Douglas said.

According to federal regulations, carbon monoxide alarms are currently not required in homes, but that rules is about to change. Matt Wikel works for Advent Air Conditioning and said cities must enforce the new safety regulations in January.

"It is required that a CO [Carbon Monoxide] alarm is installed outside of each sleeping area and in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms," Wikel said.

He said there are different types of alarms, detecting different levels of carbon monoxide.

"Ideally, you want them installed in a place that is eye level, where it is constantly monitoring the air that you are breathing," Wikel said.

Homeowners like Douglas support the new policy.

"Whoever came up with that idea, my hat's off to them. It will save a lot of people's lives," Douglas said.

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