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Car Wreck Motivates North Texas Woman to Pursue Paramedic Training

Aubrey Kellar wants to help others as first responders did for her in 2017

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A young woman in Erath County is on track to do something good for others just as strangers did for her years ago.

Aubrey Kellar was badly hurt in a car wreck back in 2017. Broken bones led to surgeries, skin grafts, and months of therapy.

That experience convinced Aubrey to go into the medical field. And her dad Robert Kellar wrote to NBC 5 to tell us she is well on her way.

She graduated from Ranger College last month and will soon take the national exam to be certified as an emergency medical technician.

She'll get some work experience and then head to paramedic school where Aubrey will be trained to help in life or death situations just as first responders came to her aid five years ago.

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