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Britax Recalls 37 Car Seat Models Over Potential Safety Defects

Britax Child Safety is voluntarily recalling certain car safety seat models across North America.

Advocate ClickTight, Boulevard ClickTight, and Marathon ClickTight model convertible car seats manufactured between Aug 1, 2014 through Jul 29, 2015, the company announced Friday morning.

The voluntary recall was announced after certain car seats had a defect in the harness adjuster button, which could post a safety hazard. The button could remain in the "release" position after the harness is tightened.

The defect would enable the shoulder harnesses to come loose.

The models listed in the recall:

USA: E9LT95Q, E9LT95Z, E9LT95N, E1A025Q, E9LT86F, E1A135Q, E9LT86G, E9LT85Q, E9LT86A, E9LT86H, E9LT85S, E1A015Q, E1A016A, E1A016H, E1A166F, E9LT87J, E1A116L, E9LT76P, E9LT71Q, E9LT76N, E9LT76B, E9LT75R, E9LT76L, E1A006B, E1A005R

Canada: E9LV31Q, E9LV35R, E9LV36B, E9LV36L, E9LV36N, E9LV45Q, E9LV45S, E9LV46A, E9LV46H, E9LV55N, E9LV55Q, E9LV55Z

A free remedy kit is available for all registered owners of the recalled seats. The kit will be mailed within 7-10 business days, the company said.

Customers can verify their car seat model at the webpage here.

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