Car Dealership: Don't Forget Your Baby!

Car dealership launches campaign to prevent hot car deaths

It's a tragedy that's happened too many times: a daycare worker forgets a child in a van, or a busy parent leaves a sleeping toddler in the family 's sport utility vehicle.

On a warm Texas day, it's a mistake with fatal consequences.

There are now high-tech devices, like the Child Minder System, that alert parents if they leave a child in the car, but Crest Auto Group of Plano is launching a new, simpler, campaign called R.O.L.O. or Remember Our Little Ones.

It's a pair of stickers aimed at protecting children and pets. One goes on your back window to remind other drivers who might be carrying precious cargo. The other goes inside your vehicle on the driver's side door or rearview mirror.

The stickers are free, but the company needs help distributing them.

"Churches, day cares, any civic group that would like to participate, we'll purchase these stickers for them (and) give them to them free," said Mike Brosin, managing partner of Crest Cadillac. "We want to get hundreds and thousands of these stickers out on cars."

Last year, there were 42 hot car deaths and Texas leads the nation. Crest is hoping to put the brakes on that undesirable distinction.

To get your free, ROLO stickers click here. 

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