Capturing Storm Season on Camera

Storm season is upon us and that means North Texans will have their cameras at the ready to capture the Mother Nature in action.

In just over 24 hours North Texans sent in hundreds of photos and half a dozen video clips of the storm to

At first the photos captured the ominous clouds bearing down on North Texas.

Then as those clouds unleashed hail, some the size of baseballs, photos came in of hail of every size from every city getting pelted.

The vivid lightning associated with the thunderstorms didn't slip by many North Texas cameras.

Once the danger cleared, North Texans assessed the damage and sent in photos of downed power lines and torn up trampolines.

And in the end, a beautiful double rainbow was seen over North Texas before the sun went down.

Thanks to all the North Texans who sent in photos of the thunderstorms that rocked the area on May 26, 2009.

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