Cannaday Considers Legal Action Over Recall Petition

Councilwoman says claims have no basis

An Irving councilwoman says a recall petition against her is damaging her reputation and her mediation business.

Critics of Councilwoman Rose Cannaday are gathering signatures for a petition for a recall election.

Cannaday said she has been fielding calls about the petition. She said people she does business with are seeing allegations of backroom deals and corruption.

She said the claims have no basis and is considering taking legal action.

Cannaday said the majority of the criticism appears to have come from her support of a controversial $250 million Irving entertainment complex. She said an investment group called TDI has stepped in recently, and the city is now looking at a 50/50 split for the total net cost of the venue.

"Bobby Page is leading this new investment group that has come forward that is stepping in," she said. "They are in the process of working with our lawyers and our people and working on this new deal."

Critics say Cannaday is pushing the project because she has received financial support from its investors.

"When you accept money and you do exactly what the contractor tells you or asks of you -- against the wishes of the voters and the financial advisers -- it speaks for itself," said Kensley Stewart, who wrote the recall petition.

Steward said more petitions are on the way to recall other City Council members.

"This issue will not end until our goal is met, the financial structure is back the way it should be, and the council starts listening," he said.

A flier for a candidate running for City Council this year alludes to corruption in the current board. But Cannaday said there have been no backroom deals.

"I have no power or authority to negotiate any deal," she said.

The recall petition needs 8,103 signatures by June 2 from people registered to vote in last year's elections. NBC 5 has not been told how many signatures have been collected so far.

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