Block Walking Candidate Attacked By Pit Bull

Owner Wants Dog Back

Former Dallas County Democratic Party Chairman Kenneth Molberg, who is now a candidate for district judge, is recovering from serious injuries after a pit bull attack. 

 The dog attacked Molberg Saturday morning in the Dallas Pleasant Grove area.  Molberg says he was on the sidewalk when he saw the dog in a house through an open door and backed off.  He said the dog lunged at him and he struggled to get the dog off. 

 Molberg suffered 11 bite wounds on his legs and groin that required 17 stitches. 

 The dog's owner, David Hargis, says he helped pull the pit bull off Molberg and that he is very sorry for what happened.  Hargis said Molberg knocked on the door and that the dog was only protecting the house. 

 The dog is currently quarantined at the Dallas Animal Shelter for a rabies investigation.  It had no shots and no required city permits.  A city hearing could decide the dog's fate. 

 Hargis wants the dog back. 

 Molberg says a child or disabled person could have been killed in the attack.  The candidate said his next campaign is to see that the dog is kept away from the neighborhood.

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