Can North Texas Keep Electric Cars Charged?

As more and more electric cars hit the roads in North Texas, does the Metroplex have the infrastructure to support them?

According to the North Central Texas Council of Governments, as of June 2017, there was a total of 10,450 electric cars in Texas. In North Texas alone, there are 4,145 electric cars.

Electric cars can be everything from Tesla, Nissan Leafs, Chevrolet Volts and more.

Rick Bollar, the president of Tesla Owners Club of North Texas, said for Tesla drivers like himself, he would like to see more services centers and charging stations to use on the go.

A map provided by PlugInAmerica.org shows all of the charging stations around North Texas.

Bollar said that all electric cars can use J1772, the standard charger. However, there are other chargers that are made specifically for certain electric cars, like Tesla’s Superchargers.

Bollar said there are currently two Superchargers in North Texas, but they plan to roll out four more by the end of the year. He said it can sometimes take up to an hour to charge a Tesla, and he would like to see more Superchargers built near strip centers or malls.

"Having Superchargers like this at shopping centers would be awesome," Bollar said. "You can pull in your car, run your errands, do your grocery shopping, see a movie, and you come back and you're ready to go for another week or so."

National Drive Electric Week is coming up in September. Last year’s event in North Texas was the largest one outside of California, bringing more than 120 electric vehicles to one location.

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