Camryn's K9s: North Texas Girl Protects Police Dogs

An 11-year-old Mansfield girl is continuing her quest to help police K9s across North Texas.

Camryn Samuel founded Camryn's K9s and has since raised nearly $10,000 and purchased bullet proof vests for 8 area police dogs.

Samuel started Camryn's K9s when she was just 10-years-old.

In September of 2014, she asked for donations instead of birthday gifts to go toward helping a purchase a ballistics vest for a police K9.

She started in Cedar Hill, and raise enough money for both of their K9 officers.

In the past year or so, Camryn has been honored by various cities including Cedar Hill, Mansfield and the Ellis County Commissioners. She was also nominated for The Dallas Morning News' Texan of the Year award, and was named one of the top ten finalists.

"It makes me feel really happy and proud of myself because I've done such a great job of protecting the dogs," Samuel said.

She has also been featured on media platforms across North Texas and recently completed a radio interview on a podcast with a reach in other states.

Samuel has no plans to stop. In fact, her organization is currently working to become an official charity.

"I've learned that if you put in effort, it can turn into something really big, and that just because you don’t think you can do it, you can. You can do it even if people doubt you," Samuel said.

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