“Campout” Ends for Arlington Parents

AISD parents camp out for shot at transferring schools.

Parents who have been sleeping outside of the Arlington Independent School District's headquarters, despite the cold winter weather, are finally finished with their campout.

Since Feb. 15 several Arlington parents have been roughing it with the hope of getting a good spot in line when the district begins taking names for those who wish to transfer to different schools.

Many of the schools do not have many, if any, openings -- so transferring is not an easy task and also not guaranteed.

Those who have camped out are only guaranteed to be the first added to the list for the school of their choice, but placement depends on openings at that school and grade level.

Parents said camping out has been hard in the cold weather, but that their children are worth it.

The district said the campouts have been going on for several years and have never presented any problems in the past.

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