Clinic Closed While Animal Cruelty Investigation Continues

Patient animals relocated to an area hospital

The Fort Worth clinic at the center of an animal cruelty case has been closed while the veterinarian who allegedly kept animals alive to be used as suppliers for blood transfusions is investigated.

The Camp Bowie Animal Clinic is closed to business amid an investigation into a charge of animal cruelty against the clinic's owner, Dr. Lou Tierce.

Tierce has been accused of secretly keeping a dog diagnosed with a congenital birth defect alive for blood transfusions after assuring his owner's he would be euthanized.

Overnight Saturday, NBC 5 learned all of the animals at the clinic were being transferred to the Western Hills Animal Hospital.

On Friday, Tierce's veterinary license was suspended for at least two months while the investigation goes forward.

The family learned their dog was alive, went to the vet's office and claimed their pet.  They are now suing Tierce for $1 million.

The doctor is facing an animal cruelty charge after his own pet was found to be living in deplorable conditions at the clinic.

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