Calorie Crackdown Coming to Nutrition Labels

Gone may be the days when 1 serving size = 6 chips

The government wants to give consumers a taste of reality as they go for that second -- or third -- handful of chips.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is recommending manufacturers place nutrition labels front and center and adjust serving sizes to more realistic portions.

Registered dietitian Amy Goodson, of Texas Health Harris Methodist, said most people far underestimate the amount of food they eat.

A pint of Ben and Jerry’s that some people down in one sitting is actually four servings.

And when it comes to Tostitos “Hint of Lime” chips, one serving is a mere six chips. Most people probably eat at least a dozen at a time, Goodson said.

The FDA is now suggesting food manufacturers move nutritional labels to the front of the box so people can’t bypass the information.

”The nutrition label on the front is going to increase awareness,” Goodson said. “Although I’m not sure it's going to affect how much people eat.”

The FDA is also calling on companies to use more realistic serving sizes. After all, it takes a lot of discipline to eat just two Oreos.

"Most people, when grabbing, would grab for at least two in their first dunk of milk,” Goodson said. “And then, probably two to four more.”

While Goodson says changing the way nutrition is labeled won't cure obesity, it’s a step in the right direction.

And most consumers seem to agree.

“It should be better regulated," shopper Matthew Breitenstine said. "It's left up to the companies, and it's whoever wants to do what."

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