Cafe Customer Pays It Forward to Protesters, Dozens More Follow Suit

When a customer at a Dulcet Cafe & Bakery in Dallas' Trinity Groves neighborhood put down $100 to treat any protesters who came in, he likely had no idea the ripple effect it would have.

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The Dulcet Cafe & Bakery in Dallas' Trinity Groves had an unusual day on Sunday. There was a Black Lives Matter protest through Dallas and some of the chants on the street made it into the hearts of customers.

It started with a regular customer named Bryan.

"He wanted to put $100 down for people who were going to the protest," said Grey Sharpe, an employee who worked that day. "I don't think he realized that he was going to start this chain where everyone for, like, the next seven hours would be getting something free."

That's because dozens of customers who followed chipped in: $5, $10, $20 and more to keep the vibe going.

"It took a few hours before I was like, something's happening," Sharpe said. That's when he started to save receipts to remember the day. "That was the best day."

Sharpe estimated as many as 50 customers paid it forward all day long.

"We've been focusing on, maybe a little bit, on how horrible everything has been, and it's nice to remember that, yes, for every horrible person there's a lot of good," Sharpe said. "When everyone does things like that, you do move mountains."

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