By the Numbers: Reunion Tower Fireworks Show

It’s time to ring in a brand new year, and crews began the daunting task Thursday morning of setting up thousands of pounds of fireworks around Reunion Tower.

It will make for a Texas-sized extravaganza that will light up the night sky to usher in a new year. Organizers for 'Lone Star NYE Live' call it the best fireworks and light show in the Central Time Zone.

"The show this year is amazing," said creative director Matt Peterson. "It's a 10 minute show, a little longer than normal. It's been crafted to work very well with the lights on the ball."

It takes 15,000 lbs of fireworks manufactured in the United States, Spain, Mexico and Asia and takes the design team more than 150 hours to develop the concept, sound, choreography and programming for the huge show.

It takes around 1,000 hours to build everything and around 200 hours to waterproof everything.

All those fireworks take time to install on Reunion Tower in the range of 350 man-hours.

Those watching the 10 minute show will see more than 5,000 pyrotechnic effects.

The New Year’s Eve program will air on NBC 5, in an additional 10 Texas markets and four central time zone states including Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. The show starts Monday, Dec. 31, 2018 at 11:30 p.m.

Go here for information on NBC 5's annual New Year's Eve TV special Lone Star NYE Live.

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