Butchers and Dragons and Skulls, Oh My!

Kimbell film exhibit inspired by the museums permanent collection

The "Butchers, Dragons, Gods and Skeletons" exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum is a collection of short films inspired by the museums permanent collection.

Up for cinematic interpretation are "Arhart Taming the Dragon," "Apollo and the Continents by Tiepolo," "The Butcher's Shop by Carracci," and the "Death of Pentheus by Douris."

"We wanted to get a selection that would get a broad range of the museums permanent holdings, but also gather a group of paintings that lent themselves to dramatic interpretation." says Malcolm Warner, Deputy Director, Kimbell Art Museum.

Filmmaker Philip Haas was comissioned to create the exhibit. Haas has made feature films and documentaries, including the Oscar-nominated "Angels and Insects." The exhibit runs through October 25. Admission is free.

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