Busy Auto Body Shops Brace for More Winter Weather

Winter weather often means big business for local auto body shops. But some, still so slammed from last week’s storms, are asking drivers to slow down and be careful as more snow and ice move into the area.

Brothers Eric and Scott Clark are always happy to have business at their Arlington auto body shop, Clark Bros Paint & Body, but even they admit this past week has been a bit crazy.

“With all the wreckers hauling cars in and dropping them off when they’re unscheduled, it’s been pretty, pretty busy,” said Eric Clark.

Take a walk around their parking lot and you’ll see he’s not kidding. It’s completely full of damaged cars and trucks, including some that had appointments scheduled weeks ago and others that were towed there during last week’s storms.

It got so bad some days they had to ask drivers and wreckers to take their vehicles to other nearby auto body shops.

“We’re working extra hours,” said Scott Clark. “We’ve put on a couple of extra guys.”

They’re finally catching up, but as more winter weather moves into the area this week the brothers are asking drivers to be smart and minimize chances for crashes.

“Well, I hope everybody stays home,” said Scott Clark. “I hope they don’t drive in it. Nobody wants to have a wreck, but it just happens. So the best thing to do is stay off the roads if you can.”

They know inevitably there will be more wrecks, which is why they’re preparing for another long week at the office.

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